Dr. Amandina Lihamba

University of Dar es Salaam

Professor Lihamba’s experience both at Yale University in the United States and Leeds University in the United Kingdom where she studied as well as her current sojourn in Japan has expanded her awareness of the importance of international education. She sees education as a gateway to knowledge—knowledge about one’s environment, one’s society and the context of one’s existence as well as knowledge that enable one to identify opportunities whose exploitation can engender, develop and strengthen one’s abilities for a successful national and world citizenship.

The best education systems provide the above kind of knowledge to nurture individuals and groups mentally, academically, psychologically, physically and aesthetically. Education has always been central to Professor Lihamba’s work as a lecturer, researcher, writer, activist and administrator nationally, regionally and internationally.

The education system in Japan is not only one of the best in the world but is also informed by factors of scientific and technological advancement, on one hand, and history and culture on the other and thus availing the education system benefits from both.

Tanzania seeks to educate all her citizens in the best education system available within and outside the country and the citizens can definitely benefit from the international, educational space and linkages in Japan where they will be guided as current and future leaders and citizens. Her involvement in this programme avails her the opportunity to assist in expanding relations between Japan and Tanzania, Japan and Africa


Dr Gulira Myrzabayeva

Former Director
UN Gender in Development Bureau, UNDP Kazakhstan

After completing her graduate studies and research work in Japan, Dr. Gulira Myrzabayeva saw firsthand the invaluable mutual benefits that arise when foreign students and scholars come to Japan to learn and at the same time share their uniques experiences with the Japanese peers. Ever since, she has been actively working on building bridges between Japan and Eurasian countries.

She believes that her dream is achievable through education and by helping to create networks that link young Japanese students with their international peers. She has been promoting this initiative during her service in the Government of Kazakhstan, also as a Director of the UN Gender in Development Bureau and by supporting the coordination of an International Exchange Kanryu Program at the Saitama University in Japan.

She believes that WA Essence Programme offers an exciting opportunity for inquisitive foreign students to benefit from top quality Japanese education, while also making friends for life and for future cooperation.


Dato’ Haji Zaihal Hazri

Al-Meswak Mu’min

I am thankful to Mr. Koji Sakura and Ms. Shazmira for their faith in me and graciously accept their request to induct me in their board as advisor. I strongly believe and has always believed that sustainable creation of wealth is deeply integrated with the intent of benefiting society at large so as to give back to the community more than what we derive out of them.

To that extent I am humbled to contribute my little experience in assisting WA Champion  Academy in their noble goal in providing immense value to the future leader in South East Asia.

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